APRIL Blog With Pip eCourse : 2017

APRIL Blog With Pip eCourse : 2017


Begins on April 10th

I'm running this course again! YAY!

Blog With Pip, the world famous eCourse, now comes with 2 free BONUS eCourses - Shake It UP! Social (about optimal social media for nice types like us) and Blog With Pip 2.0 (stepping the blogging up to the next-level!)

Sign up for the next intake - it begins on April 10th (logins go out at lunch time on that day! Your purchase receipt is your confirmation and then you will hear from me on day one of our course!)

We work together for 4 weeks - in your own time.

You can download the lessons to print or keep for another time, too.

The course is self-paced, but there are weekly lesson plans to help you manage your time. You have course access for 3 months in total (more if you need it!)

Requirements: A computer and internet connection.

A bit more about Blog With Pip

The course that’s launched and improved HUNDREDS of blogs! (Click here for student testimonials!)

Blog With Pip is for beginning and bloggers, as well as bloggers who would like to refresh their blogs, learn more or gather inspiration.

You’ll learn technical and blog related skills and come out of the course with a bunch of practical ways to improve (or create) your blog.

Here’s what the course will cover:

Setting up your blog: platforms, templates, hosts, themes, templates, blog basics
Your niche : diagnose your bloggy motivation, blog to book insights
Blog good looks: what looks skanky and what looks rad, blog photography and cute-ifying your images, basic Photoshop, creating blog buttons
How to write great blog posts (the kind people will love reading!)
Blog inspiration: staying excited and keeping it fresh
Social media smarts, basic SEO, HTML basics, strategy and success
Growing your readership and media mentions: how to attract readers and media interest
Building community and using your blog for good

Also: How-to screencasts, podcasts to listen to on the go, worksheets, optional assignments and a private (permanent) Facebook group to chat in.

Also: Help from ME via FB or email.

Also: lifelong membership to the Blog With Pip Alumni group with HEAPS of other friendly, non-snarky bloggers!

Blog With Pip delivery details

Lessons are delivered online – on a private website I’ve created just for us.

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